Our multidisciplinary profiles allow us to provide a broader perspective and quality service in our areas of practice.

Our experience in this area enables us to offer the best advice to companies and individuals with interests in the real estate and construction sectors, on all kind of matters, both contractual and litigation.  
Boltas Boyé Abogados offer a comprehensive, personalized and specialized service in construction law for developers and construction companies. We are aware that each case is different, so partners handle it personally to guarantee the highest quality of service.
We provide legal advice on contracts for development, building and rehabilitation of real estate, as well as in defense of the interest of our clients in litigation arising from the construction and rehabilitation of buildings.
Boltas Boyé specializes in the legal issues related to real estate transaction, seeking maximum profitability for our clients. Our legal advice includes a complete service for obtaining visas and residence permits for investors (“Golden Visa”). We also provide the necessary legal services to establish your residence in Spain, as well as in relation to invest, set up businesses or internationalize companies.


Boltas Boyé Abogados is a law firm founded in 2011 as a result of the merger of the offices of Gemma Pérez Boyé and Araceli Boltas.

We offer advice to international clients, individuals and companies, with interests in Spain, in different areas of Law.

Boltas Boyé Abogados is committed to quality. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best advice, through personalized treatment, experience and diligence.


We are committed to providing a quality, personalized and close service to each of our clients, from the utmost diligence and with extensive experience in the fields we address:

·      Close working relationship. For us, each client is unique and has specific needs, we provide personalized attention and tailored legal solutions.

·       Quality. Our partners are personally involved in each of the cases, contributing with their experience and responsibility.

·      Diligence. Effective and early attention is crucial in the legal field. That is why we get involved with the utmost dedication and speed, both in customer service and in the resolution of their issues.


BOLTAS BOYE Abogados offer to each client a close treatment and highly personalized solutions, adapted to their specific needs.

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    Boltas Boyé: Your Real Estate Lawyers in Barcelona

    Our multidisciplinary profiles allow us to offer legal advice in different areas of law. We are a law firm based in Barcelona specialized in advising at an international level.

    Lawyers specialized in Real Estate Law Barcelona

    Boltas Boyé Abogados offer comprehensive advice in this legal area in Barcelona.

    We provide assistance to our clients in each phase of their projects. From project planning to the formalization and execution of contracts and the resolution of disputes. We accompany our clients from defining their needs until their investments are completed.

    We offer you the greatest legal certainty and commitment with your interests at all times.

    Lawyers specializing in foreign investment Barcelona

    As specialists in international legal advice, we help our clients to set up their companies or businesses and to regularize their stay and obtain residence and work permits.

    When the client cannot travel, we personally assist him so that his operations are safe, profitable and respectful of national, regional and local regulations.

    Lawyers specializing in construction law Barcelona

    Our experience in the real estate field has made us specialists in Construction Law. We have the best collaborators for those situations in which the support of technical specialists, such as engineers or quantity surveyors, is necessary.

    We can participate from the initial stages in building projects. In addition, we have extensive experience in contractual advice.

    This not only allows us to provide advice on the configuration of the legal relationships of each project, but also to defend the legal structure developed both judicially and extrajudicially. We are specialists in finding the most appropriate solution to conflicts that may arise from the execution of works.

    Lawyers specializing in business and online commerce Barcelona

    The expansion of digital commerce and our experience in Civil Law and contracting have allowed us to establish ourselves as specialists in online business and commerce. We have helped many clients to establish their operations in national territory. And we have also helped entrepreneurs and national companies to expand their project.

    That is why we offer comprehensive advice on business and online commerce. We help to have the appropriate legal structure for each project and to prepare the notices and legal texts of the website. We manage business relationships and help startups and businesses to develop their ideas with the best legal coverage.

    Legal advice in Barcelona: the best option

    Whether it is individuals or companies, national or foreign, Boltas Boyé Lawyers is the best option for those seeking legal advice. Thanks to our commitment to our principles and our years of experience, we offer highly personalized solutions. We solve the specific needs of each of our clients, and accompany them in the process so that they know that they are in good hands.

    Real Estate Lawyers in Barcelona

    Boltas Boyé, Real Estate Lawyers in Barcelona, specialize in construction law, real estate law, purchase contracts, real estate contracts for mortgages, real estate contracts for construction, etc.

    Our team of lawyers with more than 20 years of experience in real estate law will advise you at all times in your case.

    Our services in Real Estate Lawyers Barcelona include:

    ·       Real Estate Law: Acquisition of properties

    ·       Real Estate Law: Presentation of claims before Court

    ·       Real Estate Law: All necessary assistance in the trial.

    ·       Real Estate Law: Other Procedures that may be necessary.

    Lawyer specializing in real estate law in Barcelona, what do we do?

    ·       Advice on rental contracts and drafting rental contracts.

    ·       Advice on real estate purchase and sale operations.

    ·       Legal procedures to debt recoveries.

    ·       Procedures before the Land Registry.

    ·       Advice on all kinds of real estate matters.

    ·       Advice for construction deficiencies.

    ·       Construction deficiencies claim in Court.

    ·       Advice on sales contracts.

    ·       Advice on lease contracts.

    ·       Advice on purchase option contracts.

    ·       Advice on Real estate leasing.

    ·       Advice on the purchase and sale of hotels and resorts.

    ·       Advice on Community of Owners.

    ·       Legal advice to promoters, construction companies and real estate agents.



    We are committed to quality, our main objective being to provide the best advice, through personalized treatment, experience and diligence.