Real estate investment in Barcelona

11 de October de 20170

Real estate sell-purchase in Barcelona has revived dramatically in the last year. Modern buildings and those who enjoy a convenient location are highly sought among national investment funds and especially international, which has increased its profitability.

In the first quarters of this year, real estate investment in Spain has increased by 50%, specially in  the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, although the latter is preferred among investors. Catalonia stands in real estate investment career in Spain, doubling the figures for the same period last year.

Much of this increase occurred in the market of offices and premises, which six-fold investing the first three months of 2016.  Barcelona office’s market received 323 million between January and March 2017, $ 57 million same period last year.

Interest of investors to place their money in Barcelona   is mainly due to forecasts of rents increasing in the best locations, which is above 15% in 2017. This is because the supply of offices in “prime” areas is not high, while demand continues to grow.

For its part, housing focuses the attention of small and medium investors as an alternative to the low returns offered by deposits and funds. While the average profitability of these is below 1%, certain real estate assets in Madrid and Barcelona offer for rent gross returns of nearly 6%. Buying a house to rent offers a yield much higher than that of other financial assets. In addition, the price of flats is still much lower than a few years ago and it is expected to increase further. These factors, attached to employment recovery and demand for leases are a fertile ground for investor.

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