Procedures in the Property/Land Registry

25 de November de 20160

Entries that are made in the Land Registry may be of a notary, judicial or administrative authority; few exceptions in private documents are admitted.

The procedure is initiated by the person interested in registering, the documentation must be filed in the Registry corresponding to the place where the property is located.The first step will be the provisional registration in the daybook only valid within sixty working days.

There are several ways to make the presentation to the registry, can be electronically, by mail or by fax or in person, but you will have to present the original document in person .It is recommended to have the help of an attorney to successfully complete all registration procedures.

More about the process of registering property

Subsequently, the Registrar will give rating to that document within fifteen working days.If the registration is approved and registration has been completed the document is returned to the applicant containing a footnote with the signature of the Registrar.

When the registration has not been approved is because the Registrar found a defect in the document, and must specify the Law and the facts justifying this rejection.

When registration is rejected the applicant may choose between the repair of the error or can also choose to appeal the decision of the Registrar.

Precisely to avoid the latter situation it is advisable to have the assistance of a real estate lawyer during the process to ensure the correct registration of our title in the registry, which is of vital importance sell, mortgage, inherit … our property.

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