Lawyers for construction law

One of the most important economic sectors in our country is that of construction, and there are numerous conflicts that can occur in this environment. An attorney specialized in construction law will assist you to claim your rights on this matter, when building or signing a contract for construction in Spain.

Legal issues can rise for builders, developers and contractors as well as consumers who want to buy property under construction. Whatever your case, at VBB Abogados we are fully capable of claiming the rights granted by law.

What can a lawyer specialized on construction law do for you?

A lawyer specialized in construction law offers you the necessary legal advice to defend your rights, in relation to any damage or loss that you may have suffered as a result of the construction or rehabilitation of a property. And to find the most beneficial judicial route to achieve this, if necessary.

Different actions handled by a lawyer specialized in construction law include drafting and reviewing contracts, situations arising from suspension or stoppage of works, claim of unpaid amounts, construction accidents or abandonment of work, among many other issues.

We can also intervene when it is necessary to claim for construction defects, faulty repairs, or hidden defects. As well as cases of late payment, claims to insurance companies, complaints for non-authorized works, illegal construction activities, etc.

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    Lawyers specializing in building defects

    There are cases in which the buyer of a new construction home finds the existence of hidden construction defects and may be forced to repair them at their expense.

    However, you have the right to receive a property without construction defects. Therefore, it may be needed to file a claim for construction defects against the builder, architect or other professionals who took part in the construction process. We will help you in your claim.

    First of all, it will be necessary to assess the seriousness of the damage , in order to find the most appropriate solutions for your case, to begin with sending an extrajudicial claim to the liable professional or companies,  and  in case that claim is not attended, it will be necessary to proceed with a lawsuit.

    Lawyers for construction law in Barcelona

    VBB Lawyers seek the most appropriate solution to the conflict

    We are specialists in real estate law and construction law offering a comprehensive service to protect the interests of our clients and ensure that their rights are met, without forgetting a cordial, close and committed treatment. Be aware that many of these procedures are subject to legal deadlines, so it is crucial to act as soon as possible. Contact VBB Abogados to request a meeting and check all the possibilities of success that you can obtain with our team.

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