At Boltas Boyé, we are lawyers in tech with extensive digital, corporate and commercial knowledge in constant training to provide the best advice to any type of company or online project. Digital business and e-commerce platforms occupy an increasingly important space in today’s global economy.

This is partly due to the ease with which an online business can be set up and the low investment that these business models require to get started. Although, since the digital sector is subject to a strict and increasingly tedious regulatory framework, the advice of digital business lawyers should not be underestimated when undertaking.

Legal advice to avoid sanctions from entities such as the AEPD, avoid risks derived from poorly drafted legal policies and, in general, how to provide legal security to the website.
We advise online businesses and startups on the drafting of the different bylaws, as well as working protocols that are 100% in line with the applicable legal framework and according to their needs.
Legal advice to market products and services online with full guarantee subject to commercial regulations, consumer protection, industrial and intellectual property and data protection.


Digital law is a relatively new branch of law, so it is not easy to find a lawyer of new technologies with extensive experience. The appropriate profiles require knowledge of traditional commercial operations, since they are subject to the corporate rules, Tax and Labor Law that have traditionally governed all companies.

However, the particularity of their operations means that digital companies are subject to new rules. Especially startups, characterized by their rapid growth, their staggering capitalization and the exploitation of disruptive business models.

In this field, it is essential that digital law lawyers know tools capable of streamlining the acquisition of investments (ICOs, crowdfunding, crowdlending…) without overly diluting control over the organization (for example, through incentive programs such as phantom shares).


Startups and new businesses can find their lawyer of new technologies in Boltas Boyé. We will study the needs and characteristics of the project to help you acquire the appropriate legal status and grow at a steady pace.


All web pages are subject to the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, the Organic Law on Data Protection and numerous regulations regarding the disclosure of information and the processing of personal data.

Many webmasters do not have the advice of a lawyer of new technologies and develop web pages that do not observe this regulatory framework. In addition to being a problem for website users, this lack of care can put the portal owner at risk.

We know the effort required to have an updated and useful web portal for a business or personal project, and that is why we put our knowledge of digital law at the disposal of their owners.


Online businesses must be legally structured like any other business project. That is to say, they must be given a legal status (company, cooperative, partnership, foundation, self-employed…) according to their circumstances.

This legal configuration requires the drafting of bylaws, in addition to working protocols appropriate to the applicable legal framework. And from Boltas Boyé we can help the business owners have the most appropriate structure for their objectives.

In the case of startups, where the pact between partners is of paramount importance, care must be taken to ensure that the founding partners and key employees will remain in the project as long as necessary and that the capitalization mechanisms used will not weaken their control over organization ahead of time.


The Privacy and Cookies Policy, the Legal Notice and the Terms and Conditions of Use and Contracting are very pertinent legal texts for any web portal. That is why it is advisable to review them with the help of a lawyer of new technologies.

On the other hand, even though the operation of the business is purely online, the company needs to have proper contracts. The lawyer of new technologies can customize the traditional partnership, agency, supply, sale and other contracts to the particularities of the online business.

Online businesses must respect digital law, and for this, it is important to seek legal advice, which will help prevent future inconveniences and administrative sanctions.


Digital law is becoming increasingly important in developed economies. Moreover, it is constantly evolving, which can make it complex to keep up to date if you do not have specialized technology legal advice.

If you need the help of a lawyer of new technologies or digital business lawyer, at Boltas Boyé we can provide you with a comprehensive advisory service, based on the principles of proximity, quality and diligence. We know that compliance to the regulatory framework may seem overwhelming. But we are here to help you and accompany you throughout the process of constitution, legalization and development of your project.

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